Ysewyn Welsh Cobs

"Welsh section D breeder of the year 2012" (Welsh Belgium)                                                           


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The love for the Welsh Pony & Cob started for me with my first pony ; a palomino section B mare.  She was my best friend during my childhood and teenage years.  Unfortunately I had to euthanize her and I didn't have Welsh for a long time, but I still followed them from a distance.
In 2006, I decided to buy a Welsh again and we bought a Welsh Cob mare 'Rhanwid Daisy'.   We see her as our foundation mare.

Our aim is to breed good quality cobs, with a correct confirmation and kind temperament. Cobs that can do more then being pretty and trot in hand. After the Welsh cob is know as the most versatile driving and riding horse.

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Ysewyn_Welsh_Cobs@yahoo.com or ++32 499 58 22 38


My first Welsh and I (1981). 

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